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Many news reports on video games are quite negative, suggesting that the games can lead to any number of bad behaviors, including violence. However, video games can actually have a number of benefits for gifted children, for all children.

One benefit of playing video games is that they teach strategy and decision-making skills, which are important skills to have in today’s competitive world. Even those games which seem to be nothing but violence (like Grand Theft Auto) teach those skills. In fact, it seems to be the challenge of finding the right strategies that make these games appealing, not the violence. In a USA Today article, Kevin Maney discusses some of the social research that indicates that concerns about video gaming are exaggerated.

This does not mean, however, that game play should be completely unsupervised, especially for younger children, or that it should be unlimited or that it should interfere with homework, chores or other responsibilities. As much as many of us like the idea of our kids reading good books, we wouldn’t allow the younger ones to read anything they like, to do nothing but read, or to read so much that they neglect chores and homework. The same should be true of computer and video gaming.

What do some kids think about video games? Here is a poem written by a 14 year old gifted boy, who enjoyed video games, yes, even Grand Theft Auto:

Video games
that take me places away from harsh reality,
that allow me to be the kind of person I want to be,
that test my abilities,
that raise my awareness level,
that teach me strategy,
that improve my hand-eye coordination,
that teach me math skills,
that teach me history,
that teach me a foreign language,
that are mostly made of RPG’s, FPS’s, and RTS’s, made me who I am today.

Parenting Tips for Children and Video Games

1. Don’t follow age recommendations too strictly when buying software for a gifted child. Quite often a gifted child is better off with a game recommended for older children they’ll quickly get bored with games that don’t challenge them.

2. Monitor your child’s game playing the way you monitor tv. If you don’t want your child watching violent tv shows, then don’t allow your child to play violent video games!

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Anyhow, over at the Jeux Video site there’s some new screen shots of the upcoming game. The shots are of the XBox version, but it will also be released on the GC, Ps2, PC, and GBA. Looks like the Turtles are off to fight some Triceraton-tail this time!

GameFAQs is a Web site that hosts walkthroughs for video games. It also has answers to many frequently asked questions to popular video games. The site was created in November 1995 by Jeff Veasey. The site has a lot of video game information and it’s a place where gamers can get almost any information about games. It covers systems from the Atari to the Xbox 360. The Web site also covers computer games. The information on the Web site is given by volunteer gamers, and then it is reviewed by the site’s two editors, Jeff Veasey and Allen Tyner. The Web site also has a large message board community. Every game listed on the site has a board for discussion or game help. It’s really cool!

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